Why Implex?
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Work with one of the most seasoned product development community

Implex is rather a club, community, the guild of software development professionals than an IT outsourcing company
Implex is not a typical IT outsourcing company. We are a vibrant club, a close-knit community of seasoned software developers. We believe in the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared passion for creating exceptional products. Our mission is to foster a sense of belonging among our members, transcending the traditional employee-employer, client-vendor relationship.
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We founded Implex with a dream of establishing an unparalleled product development community we, as founders, always wished we had and focusing on serving products that make a real impact.
Slava Hraichenko

Our clients say

We take great pride in the work we do and the values we uphold. Here are some of our best case studies
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Implex core values

Our guiding principles for successful collaboration that guide us in everything we do, shaping our culture, decisions, and interactions
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We solve a specific client's problem by assembling the optimal team with the necessary skills and the minimum required percentage of involvement. We are driven by the success of our clients. We are dedicated to understanding their unique needs, objectives, and challenges.
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We’re passionate about developing beautiful, user-friendly, top-quality products. Implex is our way of making the world a better place by making the most of our expertise and vast experience in IT, as well as our natural energy and enthusiasm. We love creating things and solving unconventional problems.
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We cultivate a vibrant community centered around exceptional individuals no matter where they’re located. A-people hire A-people.
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Implex values personal maturity, discipline, and decency. We acknowledge that talent alone is not enough and emphasize the importance of inner maturity and maintain an adult relationship with each team member and encourage part-time work, acknowledging that people have other commitments and interests.
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We uphold the highest standards of honesty, ethics, and transparency in all our interactions. We believe in doing the right thing, even when it's challenging, and maintaining the trust of our clients and partners. Our company fosters a collaborative environment that values teamwork and open communication.
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