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Project Management Consulting

Let's take your project, project portfolio, processes, resource or release management to the next level

Developing complex systems or applications can be challenging. Uncertainty in feature deployment, inefficient time management, budget overruns, and project conflicts are common. Our project management consultancy service leverages the experiences of others, allowing you to learn from their mistakes and avoid risks.

What is a Project Management Consulting service

A Project Management Consulting service provides expert advice and guidance to organizations seeking to plan, execute, and complete projects successfully
  • Audit of existing processes
  • Cost-benefit analysis of projects or features
  • Development of new processes, including project evaluation and prioritization, project management, resource management, and release management
  • Implementation/configuration of tools that support the processes
  • Risk management and mitigation strategies
  • Building an up-to-date roadmap
  • Implementation of processes and execution by our team members over a span of three months
  • Team structure assessment and optimization: identifying and addressing skill and / or personnel shortage
  • Providing ongoing support and coaching to project teams and stakeholders to empower them with ownership and execution of the processes
project managed consulting
Steps process

Experience the seamless and transparent process

The client's problems are not unique. Our service enables the application of the most relevant experiences from other companies and projects. Experienced project management consultant enables learning from others' mistakes, which is safer than learning from our own.
Initial consultation: image

Initial consultation:

Our primary goal at this stage is to comprehensively understand the client's problem, both at the level of a single project and throughout the entire organization. This allows us to select the most suitable professionals, project management consultants, who possess the necessary expertise and experience to address the specific challenges.

Audit: image


Through stakeholder interviews and document examination, our project management consultants immerse themselves in your organization. They participate in key activities like stand-ups, planning, and retrospectives, gaining an authentic understanding of internal processes and uncovering hidden insights. This deep dive reveals intricate problem details and interconnected relationships. As a result we deliver an aggregated report with audit findings, such as detailed issues analysis, potential risks, underlying causes, practical advice for quick wins, and long-term recommendations that empower your organization with valuable insights.

Development of an improvement plan: image

Development of an improvement plan:

IT project management consulting service implies that based on the findings from the audit, we collaborate closely with the client to develop a detailed improvement plan. This plan outlines the specific actions to be taken, the methodologies to be employed, the responsible individuals or teams, and the appropriate timeline for implementation.

Implementation phase: image

Implementation phase:

Once the improvement plan is established, our project management consultancy flow moves into the implementation phase, where we put the plan into action. Throughout this stage, we maintain regular communication with all stakeholders, seeking their feedback and monitoring the results achieved. This allows us to make necessary adjustments to the plan in response to the obtained outcomes, ensuring an adaptive and effective approach.

Training, knowledge transfer, and closure: image

Training, knowledge transfer, and closure:

In addition to resolving the client's immediate challenges, we emphasize knowledge transfer and training. This is a part of our project portfolio management consulting. We believe in equipping the client's team with the necessary skills and expertise to sustain the improvements achieved during our collaboration. Through structured training programs and knowledge-sharing initiatives, we empower the client's employees, enabling them to drive continued growth and development. Finally, we ensure a smooth closure by wrapping up the project, reviewing the achieved outcomes, and providing the client with comprehensive documentation and support. This is how project management consultancy services can help you to accelerate your way to your goals.

Our clients say

We take great pride in the work we do and the values we uphold. Here are some of our best case studies

Our Project Management Consulting service

Read our case studies to learn how our Project Management Consultancy services have helped businesses overcome complex challenges and achieve success.
Image for Transforming Project Portfolio Management: A Journey of Innovation and Implementation

Transforming Project Portfolio Management: A Journey of Innovation and Implementation

Stepping into the role of Project Consulting team, our goal was clear: to transform project portfolio management. By analyzing existing portfolios, fostering stakeholder collaboration, and aligning projects with business objectives, we set the stage for success and unified vision. Introducing standardized processes and efficient tools, we streamlined project initiation, prioritization, and resource management. Join us as we share our journey of innovation and implementation.
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