Why Implex?
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Top-Tier Expert Engagement

Supercharge your project with seasoned professionals skilled in diverse technologies and domains.

Should you encounter challenges in handling tasks internally, you can rely on our expertise in software development and consulting services.

External professionals, bespoke software development experts play a pivotal role in adding significant value to your businesses. Beyond independent and objective assessments, we actively engage in delivering results while providing technical business consulting services.
Consider technical consulting services and top-tier expert engagement, if you experience difficulties with:
  • Complex expert software development challenges
  • Limited in-house technical expertise
  • Stagnation of project development or growth
  • Specific technology implementation
  • Application performance
  • Current development team
top-tier expert engagement

What is Top-Tier Expert Engagement all about

Leveraging the expertise of our top-tier professionals, custom software development experts across various domains, we provide tailored solutions that address complex challenges, yielding remarkable outcomes with our software development consulting services.
Allow us to showcase our domain expertise through a few compelling examples:
Application Development icon

Application Development

Example 1: When client faced limitations in commit capabilities, our bespoke software development experts revamped the architecture, empowering meaningful contributions. This transformation unlocked the full potential of the project.
Example 2: A client had a complex system that even a senior couldn't modify due to its internal intricacy. The top-tier software development expert was engaged, dissected the system into components, reducing dependencies, and made the code maintainable even for junior developers.
Delivery / Project Management icon

Delivery / Project Management

Example: We conducted an in-depth audit of portfolio project processes, providing valuable insights for optimizing project delivery. Additionally, we prepared a roadmap for project implementation, ensuring smooth and successful execution.
UX/UI Professional icon

UX/UI Professional

Example: Tailored market-specific design to the unique needs and preferences of the Japanese market, ensuring an optimal user experience.
QA (Quality Assurance) icon

QA (Quality Assurance)

Example: End-to-end testing framework: Our custom software development experts developed a comprehensive testing framework and implemented automated end-to-end testing for applications. This automation streamlined the testing process, enhancing efficiency and ensuring high-quality results.
Business Analysis icon

Business Analysis

Example: Stakeholder elicitation: With our expertise in business analysis, and expert software development, we excel in gathering requirements and eliciting insights from a diverse range of stakeholders. This thorough analysis enables us to develop solutions that align precisely with business objectives.
Service process

How Top-tier Expert Engagement service works

It is like hiring senior software engineers. At our consulting & technical services, we strive to provide a seamless and transparent process
Initial Consultation image

Initial Consultation

We begin by scheduling an initial consultation with our clients to understand their needs and requirements. During this consultation, we discuss the issues, limitations, and challenges that they are facing in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of their situation.

Expert selection and proposal image

Expert selection and proposal

Based on the initial consultation, we create a proposal outlining our recommendations and approach to addressing the client's needs. We carefully select the most suitable experts, technical services consultants, for the project based on their experience and expertise. It feels like you hire a senior software developer or developers to solve a very specific problem.

Kickoff Meeting image

Kickoff Meeting

Once the proposal is accepted, we schedule a kickoff meeting to introduce an expert software developer or a team to the client and establish clear lines of communication. We set goals and milestones.

Process audit or assessment image

Process audit or assessment

Our team works closely with the client, providing regular updates on progress and addressing any issues that arise. An integral part of the software development consulting services is maintaining open communication channels to ensure that the client is always informed and involved in the process.

Delivery image


It provides actionable recommendations, a roadmap for resolving issues, and implementing enhancements to optimize performance, efficiency, and overall success.

Our clients say

We take great pride in the work we do and the values we uphold. Here are some of our best case studies

Our Top-Tier Expert Engagement service in action

Discover how our technical consultant services helped businesses overcome complex challenges and achieve success in a variety of industries and contexts
Image for Transforming Project Portfolio Management: A Journey of Innovation and Implementation

Transforming Project Portfolio Management: A Journey of Innovation and Implementation

Stepping into the role of Project Consulting team, our goal was clear: to transform project portfolio management. By analyzing existing portfolios, fostering stakeholder collaboration, and aligning projects with business objectives, we set the stage for success and unified vision. Introducing standardized processes and efficient tools, we streamlined project initiation, prioritization, and resource management. Join us as we share our journey of innovation and implementation.
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Image for Bid farewell to blocks, restrictions, and CAPTCHAs

Bid farewell to blocks, restrictions, and CAPTCHAs

Implex built a custom software to scrape data from the internet to support client’s marketing efforts. Web scraping is a technique used to extract data from websites. However, some websites are well-protected and can make scraping more difficult. This case study will present the solution we've developed to overcome common problems that can be encountered while scraping more demanding websites. These issues include protection against scraping from IPs of public clouds and VPNs, the requirement of a CAPTCHA, rate limiting per IP address, and region-specific restrictions.
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