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How Technical Consulting Services Lower Your Development Costs

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Slava Hraichenko
Jan 11, 2024
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Want to reduce expenses in your software development project? Hiring technical service consultants is one of the best decisions you can make to achieve this.  

The cost of a mistake in any tech project is incredibly high. And we mean not only the wrong choice of a tech stack. A mis-hire or improper team composition, a lack of necessary tech expertise to deliver the expected results, poor product architecture, inefficient code — all these blunders can seriously dent your budget. If you don’t want to lose money, you need expert assistance. 

This article explains why you should consider hiring tech consultants for your development project and how it can help you cut costs.

Why use technical consulting services to tackle development challenges?

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Inherent complexities of the development process

Navigating a software development project can be tricky. The process is lengthy, complex, and filled with hidden pitfalls. Plus, with technologies evolving fast, staying up-to-date is crucial if you don’t want to end up with an outdated solution. In this situation, technical expertise is key to protecting your budget. So, if you don’t want to lose money, opting for technical business consulting services makes perfect sense.

Limited in-house expertise

Your in-house team is probably great at dealing with routine tasks. The problem is that development projects are anything but routine. They come with unique challenges requiring expert hands. A huge benefit of technical consultants is their breadth of experience on various projects. As a result, while an in-house team could spend months and a ton of company resources on some problem, tech consultants might have you over it within a week.

Project stagnation

Sometimes, progress isn’t just slow; it stops. When a development project hits a tech roadblock, costs go up because investments go to waste, and business objectives remain unmet. Technical service consultants can provide strategic guidance and actionable insights to get a project back on track and minimize the financial impact of potential setbacks.

The implementation of specific technologies

Development projects often require the integration of specific technologies. If it’s a short-term need and you don’t have the experience in-house, turning to technical consulting services is usually more cost-effective than getting a new employee. That’s because talent is hard to find, and salary expectations — along with bonuses and perks — all add up. When the expertise is needed only for a project's duration, hiring these experts full-time is simply unreasonable. 

Application performance issues

When your application performance lags, it slows down processes and hampers user experience. This doesn’t just cost you money: if your app is customer-facing, it can cost you users, ultimately impacting your profits. With technical business consulting services, you get professional advice on what to adjust and optimize to make your application perform better.

Development team capabilities

When you’re moving fast, judging whether your team is enough to handle project tasks or if you need extra talent might be difficult. Consequently, resource allocation becomes inefficient both in terms of skills and budget. Experts from technical consulting services companies can assess your team’s skillset, provide suggestions, and even assist in candidate vetting. 

None of the problems we’ve described in this section are pleasant, and each one poses a threat to your project that can lead to increased expenses. So, let's discuss how consulting and technical services can help you steer clear of them and cut down on costs.

How top-tier expert engagement trims your development expenses

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In a nutshell, technical consultants help you avoid issues that could cost you thousands, not to mention your user base or reputation. And if challenges have already surfaced, they can suggest practical solutions to mitigate the damage and get you back on track. Let's dive into the details.

Business analysis

In development projects, it's essential to identify functions that bring the most value and meet user demand early on to spend the budget wisely. Technical consulting service companies play a vital role in this process. Through business analysis guidance, they help you avoid wasting money on functionality that no one will ever need.

Team composition 

Technical consultants can evaluate your in-house skillset to uncover any gaps that could hinder your project goals. If your team lacks specific expertise, they can assist in selecting the right talent. This makes your resource allocation smarter and ensures your funds go only where they need to.

Application development

Technical consulting services offer expert support for all development aspects of your app engineering project. Here are a few ways they make things smoother:

  • Enhance product architecture, optimize your tech stack, and refactor code, which speeds up development and makes maintenance more affordable.
  • Provide suggestions for cost-effective hosting solutions, cloud services, or server configurations to help you optimize infrastructure costs.
  • Ensure scalability from the get-go, eliminating the need for frequent redesigns or major overhauls to scale your application.
Process efficiency

Technical consultants can dive into your workflows, spotting and removing bottlenecks. They also can create effective roadmaps for project implementation and help you adopt agile best practices. The result? A smooth, cost-efficient process with fewer roadblocks, faster iterations, and improved teamwork.

UI/UX design

A brilliant product idea and the resources put into bringing it to life could be wasted if the user experience isn't up to par. No one wants to use a confusing or inconvenient app. Bringing in technical consultants for your project reduces the risk of expensive redesigns caused by a poor user experience. It also ensures streamlined information architecture, which reduces the development time and costs required to fix your navigation and content organization.

Quality assurance

Technical consultants provide valuable insights to enhance your quality assurance processes and frameworks. This results in faster testing, broader test coverage, and increased efficiency of quality assurance. It also improves your chances of catching bugs and errors early on so they don’t escalate into another financial drain.


Dealing with the challenges of product development isn’t easy. Without expert support, steering clear of pitfalls is tough, while the financial stakes are high. Technical consulting services are your ticket to avoiding, identifying, and resolving costly issues in your tech stack, team composition, product architecture, processes, and more. This way, you can reduce the risk of serious errors in your software and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Looking to start your development off on the right foot, move it to the next level, or get yourself back on track? Reach out to us, and we'll bring the expertise needed to tackle your challenges and save you money!

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