Why Implex?
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Unlock the power of mobile with custom app development

Transforming your ideas into innovative mobile solutions that are tailor-made and future-proof
The mobile app usage rate is soaring, with a growing number of global mobile users. Businesses encounter various challenges throughout the entire process of mobile app development, from design to deployment. Let’s discover how our custom mobile application development company deals with challenges related to native mobile app development or cross platform mobile app development.

Our Mobile Development service addresses these challenges and more.

Implex mobile development company provides a comprehensive solution that includes:
  • Custom app design and custom software application development based on the guidelines set by Apple and Android
  • Being a full service mobile application development company, we offer a flexibility in choosing between cross-platform or native mobile app development based on the specific requirements of your mobile app
  • Development of offline-first applications that can effectively operate without an internet connection and synchronize data when connectivity is available
  • Integration with third-party services and APIs
  • Ensuring compatibility of the app with multiple devices and platforms
  • Support for multiple versions of the program concurrently
  • Thorough testing and quality assurance processes
  • Continuous maintenance and support services
Mobile Development
Steps process

What experience you will get while working with us at your mobile app

Unlocking key aspects we, as both a native mobile app development company and a cross-platform mobile application development company, pay special attention to
UX/UI design image

UX/UI design

The UX/UI designer works closely with the developer to create designs that are easily implementable, optimizing costs

Specialized testing mobile app image

Specialized testing mobile app

The UX/UI designer works closely with the developer to create designs that are easily implementable, optimizing costs

API versioning image

API versioning

API versioning ensures support for older versions of the mobile app, incentivizing updates through notifications about deprecated versions

Continuous feedback image

Continuous feedback

Continuous feedback from expert developers of Implex mobile development company ensures cost optimization for the client and a better user experience (UX) for the users

App publishing image

App publishing

App publishing and management in Apple and Android stores: our custom mobile application development company provides a transparent management of client accounts, as well as management of a group of beta testers, helps the product owner (PO) focus on the product

Feedback tools image

Feedback tools

Utilizing feedback tools from users, such as Instabug, makes the development and support of the program more manageable

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How to Successfully Manage Team, Requirements, Estimation and Communication in Outsourcing
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Our clients say

We take great pride in the work we do and the values we uphold. Here are some of our best case studies

Mobile development in action

Discover how Implex mobile development company has helped businesses overcome complex challenges and achieve success in a variety of industries and contexts
Image for Flutter Edtech App for primary school students

Flutter Edtech App for primary school students

A cross-platform mobile application that helps to learn the Ukrainian language to kids whose native language is Hungarian or Romanian. Developed for schoolchildren, it is simple, logical, concise, and at the same time, attractive and low resource-consuming to work fast, even on old mobile devices. The app has been created in partnership with a digital agency, "Friends of Brands", for the program of cooperation between Ukraine, Finland, and the EU aims to support the reform of the New Ukrainian School (NUSch).
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Image for Rapid MVP for the on-line mobile and web car auction

Rapid MVP for the on-line mobile and web car auction

A B2B startup for car dealers who sell used vehicles across the USA via the marketplace. The developed application has a whole range of functions to support the workflows of car dealers and inspectors, like auctions workflow, live and proxy bidding, post-auction counter offering, and deal closing. The solution is integrated with different APIs to gather information about vehicles, helping dealers make the right decisions at auctions
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Image for Rapid MVP for the beauty industry mobile marketplace

Rapid MVP for the beauty industry mobile marketplace

Working as a committed technical partner, we strategically optimized the project scope for Best of Masters, a beauty marketplace. Utilizing the Story Mapping technique, we identified critical features and efficiently built a comprehensive MVP. The result was a platform facilitating free master registration, portfolio creation, service catalogues, location-based searches, scheduling, and booking management. Remarkably, we developed the MVP in three languages in just two months.
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