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How Software Development Expert Consultants Minimize Risks & Maximize Value in Tech Projects

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Slava Hraichenko
Jan 25, 2024
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The role of top-tier consultancy services in tech projects is often misunderstood. Many startup founders and business executives assume that bespoke software development experts merely offer recommendations. True, some tech consultants do indeed just give advice and leave. Yet, this isn’t how things work if you find a reliable tech partner. Professional custom software development experts help clients put their recommendations into practice. 

In this article, we’ll discuss in more detail how professional tech consultants impact projects — first, by analyzing specific development cases and giving recommendations, and second, by actively supporting their implementation.

Minimizing common development risks with top-tier tech consulting

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According to the 2022 study by McKinsey, an average IT project exceeds the budget by 65%, overruns the schedule by 46%, and loses 39% of the expected value. These problems are fairly consistent across tech projects, big and small. However, you can prevent them or minimize their negative consequences if they’ve already emerged by bringing in expert software development consultants. 

Let's discuss in more detail how these consultants can help you tackle common development risks.

Business analysis prevents unnecessary expenses

When building a new product, startups and other businesses often struggle to define essential functionality. On the one hand, they want the whole package their competitors offer. But on the other hand, they also need to include features unique to their offering. As a result, product vision often becomes disjointed and inconsistent. Bringing such a vision to life would demand a substantial development budget, and even then, it may fall short of meeting actual user needs.

How can bespoke software development experts help you avoid this trap? They can analyze _why _competitor’s products have certain features and what your target audience’s needs are. Using this insight, they will suggest an optimal feature set for your first development iteration. 

As a result, you can prioritize the most impactful features that offer maximum value to your users and sideline secondary ones. This strategic approach ensures a more thoughtful and cohesive development process, shielding you against wasting money and time on functionality no one needs.

Expert tech advice is essential to achieve the project’s goals

For the successful completion of a development project, each and every tech aspect is crucial. Making informed decisions throughout the process often requires the support of expert software developers. Let's take the choice of a tech stack as an example.

Many in-house development teams decide to build a product based on a tech stack they are familiar with. However, choosing the right technologies is critical for achieving the project goals. Selecting the wrong stack might lead to poor outcomes or unnecessary overhead.

For instance, you might build a user-friendly B2C website using a non-SEO-friendly platform. As a result, search engines won’t index it properly. It means that users won’t visit it just because they won’t see it on the search engine results page. This issue may surface only after an SEO audit, and you’ll have to make costly, non-standard modifications, if not a complete overhaul, to fix it.

Similar challenges arise when selecting databases, mobile app development platforms, or other technology. Even the smallest tech decision matters for achieving desired results, no matter whether you need to build a full-fledged product or just a proof of concept. 

If you have the necessary expertise in-house, that’s great. But if you don’t, software development expert consultants can guide you from the outset, helping you avoid costly experimentation and overhauls down the road. 

Efficient project management streamlines development

Poor project management can spell disaster for any product development endeavour. Inefficient processes and inadequate resource allocation can drain your development budget with little returns. Team mismanagement risks escalating into a series of productivity issues, causing delays. You can steer clear of these pitfalls by hiring custom software development experts.  

Top-grade project management consultants will audit your existing processes to identify and resolve any bottlenecks. They will also communicate the project’s goals and expectations to the teams, set up efficient communication tools, develop early risk detection and mitigation strategies, assist you in tracking project expenses, and ensure milestones are met in time. 

But, as we mentioned, the role of tech consultants isn’t limited to giving recommendations. A reliable partner will also help you maximize the impact of these recommendations by helping you implement them.

Maximizing the impact of tech consultancy through practical implementation

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The key mission of software development expert consultants is to help clients successfully achieve the goals of their tech projects, not just give smart advice. That’s why it’s critical to find a tech partner who will help you put their recommendations into practice.

The practical phase of tech consultancy typically covers the following:

  • Implementation oversight. Trustworthy technical consultants ensure that the recommendations are being effectively translated into action.
  • Issue resolution. Expert software developers identify issues and suggest how to fix them to minimize project disruptions.
  • Adaptation to changes. Consultants advise on the best course of action, helping you adjust your strategies to changing circumstances (e.g., market demands, stakeholders’ requirements, evolving business context).
  • Progress monitoring. Tech consultants continuously track the progress of how their recommendations are implemented, checking for any roadblocks or setbacks. 
  • Strategic guidance. Ongoing strategic guidance ensures that the tech project remains aligned with the client’s business goals. Consultants may offer insights into emerging technologies or market trends that could impact the project. 
  • Team training and coaching. Tech consultants can facilitate training sessions for in-house teams to ensure they have enough knowledge to implement recommendations.

So, if you're looking for expert software development consultancy, seek a team that can handle the entire cycle – from analyzing your case and proposing actionable solutions to overseeing their implementation.


You can certainly complete your development project without technical consultants. But it’s the same as doing major repairs in your apartment without involving a skilled contractor. You might save some costs upfront, but the result will most probably be mediocre, and you’ll have to spend even more for troubleshooting. 

Custom software development experts will advise on how to avoid costly mistakes, reworks, and mismanagement that can drain your budget. They’ll also maximize the impact of their recommendations by supporting you at the implementation stage.

At Implex, we have extensive hands-on experience in top-tier tech consultancy. Contact us, and let’s talk about how our experts can lead your project to success.

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