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We develop web and mobile applications with the team of the best engineers equipped with reliable tools and following modern agile methodologies
About us
We built our company with a dream to create quality products that improve people's lives. Every day, we work hard to achieve this dream again and again.

Startups and emerging companies are our favorite allies. And we are happy to be the technical partner they recommend to their peers without a doubt.

Trust us to develop your web or mobile app, and we'll help you at every stage of the product life cycle – from the concept to the golden unicorn.
Our services
Web app development
Our full-stack engineers develop custom mobile-first web products using the Agile methodology. You can start with a simple MVP to test your idea, smoothly pivot and then improve the app to become a high-load solution with millions of visits. With a responsive front end and a reliable back end, of course.
Mobile app development
Excellent look and feel are essential for a successful mobile product, and that's what we focus on when developing iOS and Android apps for our clients. Whether it's a native or cross-platform app, we never compromise speed and mobile interaction design.
Partnership is the only way to success!
We strive to build relationships with our clients that last for years. This makes trust, reliability and respect the principle values of our culture.
How it works
We will help you get from the initial product concept to a working service with happy users, guiding you through the entire process.
Product Design
Great product design is an excellent starting point for a lovely product. And it's not just about the UI. It's about creating personas, information architecture, interaction design, prototyping and only then visual design. Cooperating with you tightly, our design team can do all this and more.
Product Engineering
When the design is in place, we engineer your product in short 1-2 week-long iterations, following the Agile methodology. This way, you can see the progress in almost real-time. It's vital for us to receive feedback consistently and adjust accordingly, which makes communication with the tech team critical for successful development and going live.
Product Maintenance
After the product has gone live, you can focus on the core business while we're keeping an eye on your product's health. Our team will quickly react to every issue and do everything to keep the system's uptime as high as possible. On top of that, we can add new features and modify the existing ones to make the product even better.
The advantages you'll get
Our diverse background allows offering you
the most effective practices.
Agile and Waterfall combination
Software development is the process of continuous iterative improvement. Following the Agile principles, we also know when the best approaches of Waterfall can help.
Modern but proven technologies
No matter how promising, every new technology needs time to prove itself. So, in our work, we rely on the ones that are reliable yet rapidly evolving.
Proper work culture and attitude
Delivering high-quality software requires the right mix of technical and soft skills. We carefully select professionals for each position and help them embrace our culture.
A fully remote and distributed team
Being a team doesn't require having a physical office. In fact, a remote team offers numerous benefits when you implement the management techniques we are good at.
Empathy for your pains and needs
It's not enough to master technologies and tools. We wouldn't be able to produce great applications without understanding the business almost as well as the client.
Impressive cost-efficiency
Our price is fair since we don't have a fancy office, top management expenses and don't invest much in advertising. After all, the best way to get new clients is through recommendations.
Our Clients
We offer a wide range of services,
and here are some of our best projects.
The aim of the project was to make art accessible to anyone, anywhere. Today, WikiArt features over 250,000 artworks by 5,000 artists, localized to 8 languages. These artworks are displayed in museums, universities and town halls of more than 100 countries, yet most of it is not on public view. The client claims that they are planning to cover the entire art history of the Earth, from cave artworks to modern private collections.
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A B2B startup for car dealers who sell used vehicles across the USA via the marketplace. The developed application has a whole range of functions to support the workflows of car dealers and inspectors, like auctions workflow, live and proxy bidding, post-auction counter offering, and deal closing. The solution is integrated with different APIs to gather information about vehicles, helping dealers make the right decisions at auctions.
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Admit.me is a free virtual admissions coach that offers step-by-step guides through the admissions process of the best schools. The developed solution allows for generating personalized admissions programs based on the applicant's background and goals. Admit.me provides tools and lessons designed to optimize the applicant's admissions chances by framing the applicant's thinking and informing critical admissions decisions.
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A cross-platform mobile application that helps to learn the Ukrainian language to kids whose native language is Hungarian or Romanian. Developed for schoolchildren, it is simple, logical, concise, and at the same time, attractive and low resource-consuming to work fast, even on old mobile devices.
The app has been created in partnership with a digital agency, "Friends of Brands," for the program of cooperation between Ukraine, Finland, and the EU aims to support the reform of the New Ukrainian School (NUSch).
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