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Telemetry service for data-driven decisions & product growth

Implementation of the new Telemetry service, which should have a significant impact on Percona's business decision process. By collecting data on how the company’s product and services were being used by clients, Percona is able to identify and prioritize new features based on user needs and improve the product development flow. This lightweight, scalable service was implemented with high quality, allowing the company to meet its product release schedule and manage its software more efficiently.
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Software Development
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Percona is widely recognized as a world-class open-source database software, support, and services company. The organization is dedicated to helping businesses make databases and applications run better through a unique combination of expertise and open-source software. Percona works with numerous global brands across many industries creating a unified experience to monitor, manage, secure, and optimize database environments on any infrastructure.
enable all data points collection and visualization for easy and quick decisions
enable easy debugging process and oneclick integration of upstream changes
transforming classical way of work into empowered team collaboration
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Percona had a lot of new ideas and requirements for the complex topic of database monitoring and management

They had a multi-year product roadmap and an ever-increasing backlog of ideas, but they needed assistance with a telemetry project that was critical to their understanding of how and where to provide the most value to their users and customers. Although an existing system was in place, it was incapable of adapting to their growing needs and hindered their ability to make data-backed decisions.

avatar of Stephen Hoffman

Stephen Hoffman

SVP, Engineering at Percona

When we engaged with Implex, we figured they might be able to help us out with just one project. The speed that they were able to implement the solution and results they delivered was so impressive we looked for more ways to involve them in our roadmap activities. They’ve become a critical piece of our development strategy and a trusted partner!

To address this issue, they required a service that could overcome data collection challenges and provide information to help structure and prioritize the next phases of product development. The telemetry service needed to be lightweight, scalable, and user-friendly. As the current teams were already at capacity and focused on essential features, they were doubtful they could fit it into their packed schedule anytime soon. Percona turned to Implex to design and implement a revamped telemetry service that would be highly configurable and easy to modify.


Our team successfully developed a scalable Telemetry service and implemented technical improvements for increased productivity. We continue to work together towards the empowered team transformation project.

Collaborative Approach & Infrastructure Design

Our team was made up of experienced software engineers who had worked on similar projects in the past. We worked closely with Percona's Product manager and architect to understand their requirements and to design a service that met their needs. We used AWS EKS on EC2 instances as infrastructure, which allowed us to deploy and manage the service in a scalable and efficient way. During implementation, we used ClickHouse as a storage engine and Grafana for collecting and visualizing the data, which allowed Percona to monitor PMM in real-time and make informed decisions based on the data they collected. To ensure that the service was of high quality, we implemented a rigorous testing and review process.

The tools and technologies we used were:



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Our team's implementation of the new Telemetry service was a success and had a significant impact on Percona's business decision process.

avatar of David Poole

David Poole

Senior Director of Engineering

The Telemetry project Implex delivered for us not only exceeded our expected value, but they made substantial contributions to improve processes, practices and tooling while doing so. The quality of their efforts along with their valued contributions made it an easy choice for us to look to expand their areas of responsibility. We consider Implex a trusted, valued, and integral partner.

The Telemetry service allowed Percona to collect data on how the PMM tool was being used in the real world. They could see which features were being used the most, which parts of the software were causing the most problems, and which configurations were most popular. This data was used to identify and fix issues more quickly, and to prioritize new features based on user needs.

The Telemetry service was implemented quickly and in high quality, which allowed Percona to meet its product release schedule. The service was also easy to use and scalable, which allowed Percona to manage and monitor their software more efficiently.

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