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Engineering your

Realize your vision with our expert team of engineers, dedicated to providing tailored and innovative solutions for your unique aspirations
From idea to launch, we deliver top-notch, custom solutions designed with your growth in mind
Overcome your most daunting challenges effortlessly with our stellar expert in development, management, QA or UX
Craft the perfect software development team, tailored to your needs and managed by our experienced project managers, ensuring your projects stay on track

Our expertise is derived from our community experts working with a wide range of products and services:

Have you counted the cost of a single mis-hire?

With over 15 years of walking in the clients’ shoes, we understand the challenges of engineering leaders
We are firm believers that: no matter the size or budgets of a company, they should have access to the very best technical expertise to overcome any challenge. We also know that talented professionals crave dynamic and engaging environments to truly shine. Our mission is to unite these two values and empower businesses and professionals alike to achieve greatness.

Our services will help you to accomplish your purpose easier and better.

Implex’sstellar team stars iconis a community that consists of more than 80% of senior developers and project managers
Application Engineering icon

Application Engineering

Web app and mobile app development. You can start with a simple MVP to test your idea, smoothly pivot and then improve the app to become a high-load solution with millions of visits. With a responsive front end and a reliable back end, of course.
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Managed Team icon

Managed Team

We offer a dedicated team of experts to manage your projects and ensure successful outcomes, with the flexibility to scale up or down as your needs evolve.
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Top-Tier Expert Engagement icon

Top-Tier Expert Engagement

Dynamic problem-solving consultancy: harnessing top-tier expertise to overcome complex challenges. This service is designed to tackle complex issues faced by our clients that require the engagement of the external expert. It offers a unique broad perspective and influence on the business as a whole.
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Project Management Consulting icon

Project Management Consulting

We offer a comprehensive approach to improving project management and delivery. We conduct thorough audits of processes to identify areas for improvement. Additionally, we establish tailored processes around a team, enhancing project management capabilities for our clients. Furthermore, we offer specialized consulting for a single project or a projectі portfolio, ensuring optimal project planning and execution.
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The projects we deliver

We take great pride in the work we do and the values we uphold. Here are some of our best case studies
Image for Telemetry service for data-driven decisions & product growth

Telemetry service for data-driven decisions & product growth

Implementation of the new Telemetry service, which should have a significant impact on Percona's business decision process. By collecting data on how the company’s product and services were being used by clients, Percona is able to identify and prioritize new features based on user needs and improve the product development flow. This lightweight, scalable service was implemented with high quality, allowing the company to meet its product release schedule and manage its software more efficiently.
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Image for Flutter Edtech App for primary school students

Flutter Edtech App for primary school students

A cross-platform mobile application that helps to learn the Ukrainian language to kids whose native language is Hungarian or Romanian. Developed for schoolchildren, it is simple, logical, concise, and at the same time, attractive and low resource-consuming to work fast, even on old mobile devices. The app has been created in partnership with a digital agency, "Friends of Brands", for the program of cooperation between Ukraine, Finland, and the EU aims to support the reform of the New Ukrainian School (NUSch).
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Image for (R)evolution of the high-load visual art web encyclopedia

(R)evolution of the high-load visual art web encyclopedia

The aim of the project was to make art accessible to anyone, anywhere. Today, WikiArt features over 250,000 artworks by 5,000 artists, localized to 8 languages. These artworks are displayed in museums, universities and town halls of more than 100 countries, yet most of it is not on public view. The client claims that they are planning to cover the entire art history of the Earth, from cave artworks to modern private collections.
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Image for Turning unusual vision into a novel map-based web product

Turning unusual vision into a novel map-based web product

CyberQuantic's web application transforms a mind map with cases into an innovative map-based website with intuitive navigation. Mental maps are the primary content and navigation method with an easy-to-read visualization. The web app is integrated with CyberQuantic's knowledge base and maintains a high level of website performance. The site includes data on 600+ AI firms in Europe and 200+ open APIs, and excellent Google PageSpeed Insights ratings.
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Image for trustful cooperation in education domain trustful cooperation in education domain is a free virtual admissions coach that offers step-by-step guides through the admissions process of the best schools. The developed solution allows for generating personalized admissions programs based on the applicant's background and goals. provides tools and lessons designed to optimize the applicant's admissions chances by framing the applicant's thinking and informing critical admissions decisions.
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Image for Rapid MVP for the on-line mobile and web car auction

Rapid MVP for the on-line mobile and web car auction

A B2B startup for car dealers who sell used vehicles across the USA via the marketplace. The developed application has a whole range of functions to support the workflows of car dealers and inspectors, like auctions workflow, live and proxy bidding, post-auction counter offering, and deal closing. The solution is integrated with different APIs to gather information about vehicles, helping dealers make the right decisions at auctions
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Image for Lightning-fast website for a reputable cybersec company

Lightning-fast website for a reputable cybersec company

A cybersecurity services company Berezha Security Group rebranded as BSG in 2020. So they needed to improve their website, but redesign was only part of the story. The ultimate goal was to make the website fast and SEO-friendly, keeping its Google PageSpeed Insights scores in the green 90-100 range, what's impossible using a WordPress-like CMS approach. A static website with perfect usability, external CMS and one-click deployment functionality, and revision control successfully represents the BSG brand now.
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Image for Rapid MVP for the beauty industry mobile marketplace

Rapid MVP for the beauty industry mobile marketplace

Working as a committed technical partner, we strategically optimized the project scope for Best of Masters, a beauty marketplace. Utilizing the Story Mapping technique, we identified critical features and efficiently built a comprehensive MVP. The result was a platform facilitating free master registration, portfolio creation, service catalogues, location-based searches, scheduling, and booking management. Remarkably, we developed the MVP in three languages in just two months.
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Stellar teambig budgets? Nothing kills business faster than a entry-level developers

That’s why we offer the exceptional value for your investment, as quality always win
Stellar team, you would otherwise not have access to. Our community consists of more than 80% of senior full-stack developers and project managers with a T-shaped skill set.
We excel in project management ensuring that your project is executed efficiently and effectively. We keep you just a click away from constant progress reporting, risk mitigation, issue resolution, and opportunity exploration.
Agile approach: experience the power of agility with our services, offering flexible requirements and workload management, along with temporary on-demand access to skilled professionals from our diverse pool.
at our website application development company we prioritize creating an intuitive and fast user experience (UX) while ensuring compatibility across various browsers and platforms
We are deeply committed to our values of decency, meaningful engagement, standards, and synergy, which reflect in everything we do.
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