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Key Tech Challenges in Edtech and How to Navigate Them
Edtech is currently one of the fastest-evolving areas in business application development. However, rapid growth brings challenges. In this article, we will outline the main tech hurdles edtech startups and businesses are struggling to overcome.
Streamlining Operations: Integrating Remote Teams into Custom Software Development
Are you still uncertain about the benefits of integrating remote IT managed teams into your software development process? If so, you're not alone. Many startup founders and IT executives share similar concerns.
How Software Development Expert Consultants Minimize Risks & Maximize Value in Tech Projects
In this article, we’ll discuss in more detail how professional tech consultants impact projects — first, by analyzing specific development cases and giving recommendations, and second, by actively supporting their implementation.
Scalability in Software Development: A Blueprint for Rapidly Growing Startups
When your startup launches its product and the number of users starts expanding, there's a constant push to grow quickly. Over time, though, you realize that you have taken some technical shortcuts to enter the market fast, and now it's time to address them.
How Technical Consulting Services Lower Your Development Costs
The cost of a mistake in any tech project is incredibly high. And we mean not only the wrong choice of a tech stack.
Project Management Consulting for Startups: How to Find Reliable Experts
So, you’ve been luckier than many startups: you had a brilliant idea and got the money to keep going! Now, as you work on bringing your product vision to life, considering project management consulting can be a crucial decision for your success. Why?
Why a Fixed-Price Contract Is the Worst Choice for Your Project: 3 Key Reasons
Choosing a fixed-price contract for custom software development services can be tempting for business executives seeking to outsource product creation.
Implex Recognized as a Clutch Global Leader for 2023
Implex named a top B2B company for application engineering services
Why is novelty overrated for digital innovation?
What evolutionary models will help you to understand and plan your business strategy in the tech sphere? Software development through the prism of Darwinism
Implex Receives Clutch Award For Top Ukrainian B2B Firm
We are thrilled to announce that Clutch have recognized us as one of the 250 best-performing software development companies in Ukraine
How to Successfully Manage Team, Requirements, Estimation and Communication in Outsourcing
Based on building an MVP in 3.5 mos. for the US automotive startup
4 Steps for Successful Outsourcing of MVP Development
Project preparation, documentation and right tech stack — based on our case study of building an MVP in 3.5 months for the US automotive startup
Find 100+ Engineers at Affordable Rates in a Fortnight
We analyzed the market, various hiring channels, and payment models. Our experience has shown you CAN subcontract 100 specialists in a fortnight, but boy, will you have to work for it
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