Why Implex?

Middle JavaScript Full-Stack Developer

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What is the project about?

This is a SkyHive Skill Passport project, a web application for the AI-based labor analytics platform. (The client’s main offices are in Vancouver, Canada, and Palo Alto, USA). Skill Passport helps individuals and organizations solve labor market challenges using real-time labor market data to create job matches, fill employment needs, and provide upskilling or reskilling connections.

Skill Passport for learners and workers:

  • Users complete a profile to identify the sector-specific and transferable skills they have and need
  • Based on profile, Skyhive recommends job opportunities that are related to user skill set and career goals
  • SkyHive provides a snapshot of the reskilling pathways for different jobs so users can compare options based on skills needed and reskilling time and cost
  • SkyHive connects users to external training and education providers to meet users’ needs, including free and cost-based training options

Skill Passport for employers:

  • Employers can use artificial-intelligence–driven skills mapping to assess workforce skills, identify gaps, and connect employees with upskilling opportunities
  • Employers can recruit, hire, and promote based on skills, reducing the potential for unconscious bias

Skill Passport for educators:

  • Educators can analyze their offerings to identify which courses and trainings align with current in-demand skills
  • Educators and administrators can identify top in-demand skills requested by employers to develop curriculum, courses, and training

Skill Passport for government:

  • Local and state governments can access accurate up-to-date labor market information to build a stronger workforce

What is the project’s technical stack?

  • Backend — NodeJS, express.js, sequelize
  • Frontend — JavaScript, TypeScript, React
  • Infrastructure — microservices, REST, GraphQL, Docker, k8s
  • Databases — PostgreSQL, Yugabyte, RabbitMQ
  • Testing — Jest

What will you do?

  • Develop new features end-to-end
  • Port existing features to Skill Passport from other SkyHive products
  • Develop geographically distributed applications based on DB sharding
  • Review requirement documents and estimate features
  • Propose improvements to the existing features and architecture
  • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes
  • Fix bugs

What qualifications and skills do you need?

What should you be experienced with?

  • Development with the mentioned back-end stack (4+ years)
  • Development with the mentioned front-end stack (2+ years)
  • Participation in planning and implementing REST API architecture
  • Using PostgreSQL and message brokers (preferably RabbitMQ)
  • Unit and integration test creation (2+ years)
  • If you have experience working on integration with any ERP from Microsoft, Oracle, or SAP your CV and interview will be prioritized
  • Intermediate+ level of English (you will have a tech interview in English)

What should your personal skills be?

  • A strong work ethic and demonstrated commitment to delivering on time to clients
  • Accountability – a demonstrated “no-nonsense” attitude to delivering excellence to customers
  • Detail-oriented – an ability to think critically about challenges & design efficient & effective solutions
  • Integrity – keeping your commitments to the team, customers, and SkyHive stakeholders

What do we offer?

  • International Team in a collaborative, highly engaged culture where your ideas are welcome and your voice is heard
  • 100% ability to work remotely, which will let you determine your work-life balance
  • Comfortable time-cross working zone
  • 3 months trial period
  • Monthly rate. The salary is paid in USD by the 20th of each month
  • All national holidays
  • Paid vacation: 18 working days
  • Paid sick leaves: 6 working days
  • State-of-the-art learning and development opportunities, ability to try new technologies in real work

You are interested in this opportunity, but still, have any questions?

Please, send your LinkedIn profile or CV to or fill the form right and we will contact you.

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