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Web Development: great apps for great impact

Build seamless and user-friendly websites with high performance
Web development projects can be complex and challenging, often leading to delays, budget overruns, and unsatisfactory results. But it can be absolutely different with a seasoned custom web application development company that provides professional custom web development services. With Implex.

What does our Web Development service imply

Key features and benefits of our web application development services:
  • A thoughtful approach to selecting architecture and tech stack: we at Implex web application development agency consider options such as Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), Microservices, Serverless, and utilize different languages and frameworks based on the real needs of the users
  • Performance and efficiency, coupled with scalability, ensure readiness for high-load scenarios. Our systems are designed to handle millions of visitors per month, even with a small server infrastructure.
  • Security: ensuring the security of web applications is a top priority during development. This includes protection against major web threats such as SQL Injection, Cross-Site Scripting (XSS), and Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)
  • Modern frontend: at our website application development company we prioritize creating an intuitive and fast user experience (UX) while ensuring compatibility across various browsers and platforms
  • SEO-friendly site: our development approach takes into account search engine optimization (SEO) practices, ensuring that your website meets the necessary requirements to rank well in search engine results pages
  • Cutting-edge backend: in our custom web app development services we use of modern technologies and frameworks to ensure high-quality and scalable web applications
  • Comprehensive testing: we conduct thorough testing and quality assurance to minimize errors and ensure seamless performance
  • Ongoing maintenance: we provide consistent support and maintenance to keep your web application up-to-date and secure.
Web Development
Steps process

How our clients perceive the delivery of a web product in production

At Implex, we strive to provide a seamless and transparent process of Web Development services for businesses that prefer to outsource web development
Frequent releases image

Frequent releases

Frequent releases: new features are released to users every two weeks and accompanied by release notes

Comprehensive image


Frequent releases: new features are released to users every two weeks and accompanied by release notes

Automation image


Automation with CI/CD and pre-production environments enable efficient management of testing and releases in frames of web application development services

Feature-based development image

Feature-based development

Feature-based development and the use of feature flags allow developers to dynamically enable or disable specific program features or provide them to specific user groups

Iterative design image

Iterative design

Our web applications development company performs regular review and updates of the web application's design based on user feedback and new research

Mobile-first approach image

Mobile-first approach

Prioritizing optimization and usability for mobile devices before creating a version for larger-screen devices such as desktops and laptops

Explore our insightful blog for a deeper understanding of Implex

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Our clients say

We take great pride in the work we do and the values we uphold. Here are some of our best case studies

Web Development in action

Discover how Implex web application development company has helped businesses outsource web development and overcome complex challenges and achieve success in a variety of industries and contexts with our custom web development services
Image for Telemetry service for data-driven decisions & product growth

Telemetry service for data-driven decisions & product growth

Implementation of the new Telemetry service, which should have a significant impact on Percona's business decision process. By collecting data on how the company’s product and services were being used by clients, Percona is able to identify and prioritize new features based on user needs and improve the product development flow. This lightweight, scalable service was implemented with high quality, allowing the company to meet its product release schedule and manage its software more efficiently.
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Image for Bid farewell to blocks, restrictions, and CAPTCHAs

Bid farewell to blocks, restrictions, and CAPTCHAs

Implex built a custom software to scrape data from the internet to support client’s marketing efforts. Web scraping is a technique used to extract data from websites. However, some websites are well-protected and can make scraping more difficult. This case study will present the solution we've developed to overcome common problems that can be encountered while scraping more demanding websites. These issues include protection against scraping from IPs of public clouds and VPNs, the requirement of a CAPTCHA, rate limiting per IP address, and region-specific restrictions.
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Image for (R)evolution of the high-load visual art web encyclopedia

(R)evolution of the high-load visual art web encyclopedia

The aim of the project was to make art accessible to anyone, anywhere. Today, WikiArt features over 250,000 artworks by 5,000 artists, localized to 8 languages. These artworks are displayed in museums, universities and town halls of more than 100 countries, yet most of it is not on public view. The client claims that they are planning to cover the entire art history of the Earth, from cave artworks to modern private collections.
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Image for Turning unusual vision into a novel map-based web product

Turning unusual vision into a novel map-based web product

CyberQuantic's web application transforms a mind map with cases into an innovative map-based website with intuitive navigation. Mental maps are the primary content and navigation method with an easy-to-read visualization. The web app is integrated with CyberQuantic's knowledge base and maintains a high level of website performance. The site includes data on 600+ AI firms in Europe and 200+ open APIs, and excellent Google PageSpeed Insights ratings.
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Image for trustful cooperation in education domain trustful cooperation in education domain is a free virtual admissions coach that offers step-by-step guides through the admissions process of the best schools. The developed solution allows for generating personalized admissions programs based on the applicant's background and goals. provides tools and lessons designed to optimize the applicant's admissions chances by framing the applicant's thinking and informing critical admissions decisions.
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Image for Rapid MVP for the on-line mobile and web car auction

Rapid MVP for the on-line mobile and web car auction

A B2B startup for car dealers who sell used vehicles across the USA via the marketplace. The developed application has a whole range of functions to support the workflows of car dealers and inspectors, like auctions workflow, live and proxy bidding, post-auction counter offering, and deal closing. The solution is integrated with different APIs to gather information about vehicles, helping dealers make the right decisions at auctions
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Image for Lightning-fast website for a reputable cybersec company

Lightning-fast website for a reputable cybersec company

A cybersecurity services company Berezha Security Group rebranded as BSG in 2020. So they needed to improve their website, but redesign was only part of the story. The ultimate goal was to make the website fast and SEO-friendly, keeping its Google PageSpeed Insights scores in the green 90-100 range, what's impossible using a WordPress-like CMS approach. A static website with perfect usability, external CMS and one-click deployment functionality, and revision control successfully represents the BSG brand now.
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